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Why would you want a custom deck?

A custom deck will serve as the foundation on which we build your outdoor space. By adding additional features or simply some outdoor furniture, it will become a place to enterain, celebrate or just relax. Having this additional functional area is also a low maintenance way to add value to your home.

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Hand Rail Styles

This list provides insight into several popular handrail styles.


Unique features help to personalize your space. Use these options to make the deck your own!

Take full advantage of your deck, rain or shine!

A roof will protect you and your deck from the elements while also providing possibilities for additional features like ceiling fans or overhead lighting. Make your outdoor space accessible year round and add a unique feature to your home by constructing a deck over your outdoor space.

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We've got some below!

Solid Wood Roof image
Roof with Fans image
Deck with a roof and pergolas combo
Open space with solidwood roof

Add a new dimension to your outdoor space.

The cross pattern on the top of a pergola is meant to provide some amount of UV protection without totally blocking out the sun. This structure provides opportunity to add privacy to your space by adding trellis or retractable blinds between the posts.

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We've got some below!

Detached space with a Pergolas
Pergolas with a built out section for hottub
Deck with a roof and pergolas combo
Closeup of Pergolas
Pergolas with rain guard
Pergolas with built in fireplace
Pergolas with rain guard

Outdoor Experience, Indoor Comfort.

Add square footage to your home that is usable almost year-round. There are endless possibilities for features such as heating and air conditioning, kitchenettes, and even sleeping quarters. Create a space to surround yourself with the outdoors, while staying out of the elements.

Looking for examples?

We've got some below!

Small private outdoor space
Attached private enclosed outdoor space
Multi Level Deck with Three Seasons